"Early in our project, certain 'experts' told us that our requirements stretched beyond the limits of currently available technology. Alliance Data Corporation (ADC) delivered this critical project on time, on budget while meeting or exceeding all of our demanding requirements. We'll continue to work with them on future projects for three key reasons.

1) They know how to deliver the best technology for the best value.
2) They have an ability to quickly understand business requirements and translate them into useful solutions.
3) They are extremely customer driven.

At HP, we not only view ADC as a key supplier, we consider them a partner."

Pete Ginouves
Finance Director, Corporate Procurement and Product Costing
Hewlett Packard Corporation

"Whenever I have a complex systems project that needs to be developed and implemented within a tight timeframe, I call on Alliance Data…I can be sure that they will come through for us."

Mark Entringer
Director of Compensation - Continental Airlines

“Working with ADC’s team of consultants was great. They combined a refreshingly honest interpersonal approach with unparalleled technical expertise. Add to that a stubborn pursuit of excellence and the result was an application that was easy to use and a database that was technically sound…the best of both worlds.”

Greg Bergin
Advanced Systems Analyst
Compaq Computer Corporation

“We had no hardware or software glitches…I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better…Every time [ADC] found something that they could do better than what we requested, they let us know. Throughout development ADC continually sought feedback…and incorporated small details that added to the value of the system.”

Tom D’Aquisto
Manager of Operations
Clearing House Association of the Southwest

" I consider the Alliance Data members of my team some of my most valuable and exceptional assets. No matter what we need or when we need it they always seem to find a way to come through for us. They help my team win each and everyday."

Ruby Goodwin
Manager – North America Sales Compensation
Hewlett Packard Corporation

“ADC is conducting their second development project with our company, following the design and launch of a client/server application developed for our marketing and technical support personnel. We have been impressed with ADC's project planning and organizational skills, their ability to execute effectively, and the quality of the product that we've received."

Judith McGlaughlin
Manager, Market Research & Planning
MI Drilling Fluids