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Alliance Data Corporation (ADC) is committed to turning your vision into innovation. We have established the ADC approach to guaranteeing results and ensuring only the highest quality of work is
developed and implemented.

  Core Approach is driven by a need to:
Understand Your Business and Vision
Show Rapid Business Value (ERT)
Prepare users for change
Tailor the Solution to Enable Your Vision
Follow a Flexible Systems Approach
Involve the User Community and Management
Develop Results Quickly
Transfer the Knowledge

Our Working Alliance Begins with Understanding

The critical starting point in the success of our relationship with you is to develop a thorough understanding of your business and the assets that make it successful - your people, data and systems. Our aim is to help you reduce obstacles for better information delivery through:

Conducting a thorough needs analysis.
Working to understand your organization
Learning how you work

Once we understand the dynamics of your business, we make a recommendation for your course.

We Don't Pound Square Pegs into Round Holes

Dynamic business rules, organizational constraints and interfaces to legacy systems are just a few of the factors that can make your project unique. We maintain an objective point of view throughout the project life cycle because we are not bound to particular technologies. We work with you to develop solutions using the technology that will produce success within your organization.

Experienced Professionals Make the Difference

You receive associates with the precise experience for your situation. Each individual brings strong technical and communication skills as well as diverse business experience to your project