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Hewlett Packard
Integrate and provide visibility to a global sales organization of revenue and commissions
ADC Business Consulting, Application Development and Integration
Real-time visibility of revenue to over 5000 sales executives.
"I consider the Alliance Data members of my team some of my most valuable and exceptional assets. No matter what we need or when we need it they always seem to find a way to come through for us. They help my team win each and everyday."

Ruby Goodwin
Manager—North America Sales Compensation
Hewlett Packard

Case Study: Hewlett Packard
Apples to Apples

Over the years, Hewlett Packard (HP) has completed several mergers and acquisitions. Keeping a sales force of over 5,000 informed with timely and accurate sales management reporting, revenue recognition, and commission credit information is a monumental task in a static environment. After two large mergers in less than five years, revenue data was spread across eight disparate systems including multiple isolated versions of SAP. In addition, a new sales organizational structure was being implemented.

HP wanted to provide sales management a timely, accurate and concise view of all revenue data drawn from the systems of three formerly independent companies. The need included the ability to compile and present information compensating for the individual nuances associated with each data source so "apples to apples" comparisons could be performed.

Requirements included:

  • Automatically compiling massive amounts of transactional data from many disparate sources.
  • Translating information based on three different company standards into a "universal"  information store.
  • Providing a flexible mechanism to aggregate and distribute  information in accordance with user-defined criteria.
  • Providing a secure and accurate multi-level view of corporate revenue data compensating for massive timing, duplicate sourcing, and adjustment issues.
  • Reflecting changes in millions of line item transactions in all reporting within a 12 hour period with only minimal investment in Intel-based hardware.
  • Providing a mechanism to manage data errors and user interaction with a user base of 100+ sales executives.
  • Flexibility to implement final detailed requirements one month prior to system implementation.

Alliance Data analysts drew on their experience with sales compensation and revenue measurement systems to identify requirements from business subject matter experts and technical staff across all three companies. ADC's team put a secure, scaleable architecture in place to manage the acquisition, conversion, aggregation and distribution of data. Software was developed with two criteria in mind, flexibility and speed of execution. Knowing that the requirements for sales reporting can change on a frequent basis, ADC delivered a solution minimizing the impact of changes while rapidly delivering information.

ADC's reputation for delivering flexible, high performance solutions was once again demonstrated as it brought another optimized system online on time and on budget. Information previously taking days or weeks to compile was now available in a matter of hours. Sales managers were now able to review the performance of their team with more confidence in the data upon which they based their decisions.

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