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Hewlett Packard
Leverage investment in existing US commission delivery system but add international functionality including multi-lingual capability
ADC Business Consulting, Technical Architecture, Application Development
Globalization of the new application.
"I consider the Alliance Data members of my team some of my most valuable and exceptional assets. No matter what we need or when we need it they always seem to find a way to come through for us. They help my team win each and everyday."
Ruby Goodwin
Manager-North America Sales Compensation
Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard
Kanji Anyone?

Hewlett Packard (HP) recently completed a multi-year application development effort to support its North America Sales force. An internal strategic initiative was underway to implement a single application to support as much of the enterprise as possible.

HP needed to leverage their investment in custom software developed for domestic use to deliver a native language system capable of operating initially in Japan. Kanji, one of several character sets used to display information to Japanese users was not supported by the developed system. Due to the large number of possible characters, computer systems require more information to describe each of the Kanji symbols thereby requiring special computer processing. HP engaged Alliance Data to address the technical challenges associated with such a system conversion and provide a technical roadmap to guide their staff in the conversion effort.

Alliance Data worked with HP and third party software vendors to develop a proof of concept model demonstrating the conversion process. A functional prototype was developed to highlight technical challenges as well as the methods of resolution for each. The prototype, procedure definition, and white paper received rave reviews from HP.

Together, the prototype and associated documentation served as the catalyst to get the system conversion effort off the starting blocks. With the primary technical challenges addressed, HP's internal support staff was able to push ahead with the globalization of the application.

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